The Best backpack in the world

the best backpack

The Best Backpack in the world!

* This post contains an affiliate link, but I bought this product before this partnership and this review is honest.

I was looking for a travel backpack for my next adventure!

But I did not want any backpack. I needed a backpack to use at the airport, put on my back and relax. And for this, it needed to be safe. And I wanted a durable backpack that would fit a change of clothes inside, shoes, my camera, cell phone, wallet, makeup kit, scarf to curl me if the flight is cold. It had to have several dividers so that everything was not lost in the back. And easy access if I wanted to get the camera, but the thieves could not get easy access to it.

And I did not want a super backpack, neither hiking one. My intention was that she was cute, had a kind of a bag look, with gold accents. I searched a lot. I found some nice leather backpacks, but they were too expensive, as leather always is.
Then I found this backpack! And she’s the perfect backpack!


a melhor mochila


In fact the perfect backpack is a maternity backpack (diaper bag). And you can find her here on Amazon!

But I do not care that it is a maternity bag, if the tag bothers you you can unsew it, put a tag with your name on it, or paste or sew a patch of those that are in fashion! Hot tip!

a melhor mochila

This backpack is the best because it combines practicality, comfort and beauty in one product.
I loved the details in gold and the fact that it is waterproof.
I’m not sure what her fabric was on the outside, in the description it said polyester blend, but it looks like a canvas fabric, not too hard.

It has so many positive points that I will make a list:

  • 04 Internal partitions so your things do not get lost in the back.
  • 01 internal zipper pocket for your wallet or cell phone
  • Keychain inside for your key not to disappear.
  • Front pockets for 03 thermal bottles and pocket inside
  • Back pocket with back access, and a waterproof pocket.
  • 02 side pockets, 01 of them with handkerchiefs place
  • Waterproof fabric

Its size is 15.7 inches heigh, 10.6 inches wide and 8.2 inches side.

The biggest advantages are that, yes, it fits your computer up to 16 inches inside! And your DSLR camera! And a few more things.
To show the inner space I filled her with things that I might take to travel.



a melhor mochila


There was still room for a few more small things, but it confers everything:

  • 01 pair of shoes
  • 01 pari of flip flops
  • 01 pants
  • 01 sweatshirt
  • 02 scarves
  • 01 pair of socks
  • wallet
  • makeup case
  • sunglasses in case
  • mini umbrella
  • cell phone
  • portable charger
  • Camera
  • 01 notebook /book /planner
  • mini tripod

You find several of this product in Amazon in different colors and the price also varies greatly, you can find for $ 30 dollars or $ 50 dollars!

I really recommend this backpack to anyone who is looking for one, whether for traveling, or as a maternity bag, if you need a work backpack, as a weekend bag, for college, anyway, it is multi function.

Tell me in the comments if you are looking for a backpack and if you like this!



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