Nayme restaurant – Arab restaurant in Curitiba

Restaurante árabe em Curitiba

Are you visiting Curitiba and want a good restaurant to go to?

I have a place for you! We went there to lunch last week, and yes, the waiters speak english!

 Nayme restaurant – Arab restaurant in Curitiba

In the weekend we went to try a restaurant that we did not know yet, which Suli chose! 😉 It is an Arabic restaurant, called Nayme, in Vicente Machado (In Curitiba / PR).

It is an Arab restaurant, called Nayme, on Vicente Machado street (In Curitiba – Paraná State – Brazil).

Restaurante árabe em Curitiba

Unfortunately, we had to wait quite a bit since the restaurant was full.

But, our wait was worth it !!!! (And that’s good because I have a bad mood when I’m hungry! Hahaha)

Soon on the wait, we had the experience of the excellent service that the restaurant has.
A waiter came and told us that the table was still going to be delayed, offered the menus and if we wanted to order drinks while we waited. Additional chairs were brought to the people who were waiting outside like us, enjoying the winter sun

Upon entering the restaurant you will be surprised by the rich decor, all very well balanced and visually beautiful.

Nayme restaurante árabe Curitiba

The service at the table was also excellent, very soon we received our drinks and the appetizers: a generous piece of warm Arabian bread, curds, eggplant paste and chickpea paste. Arabian bread is a great way to enjoy the traditional Arabian sauces while you expect the main courses.

Nayme restaurante Árabe

We ordered a few different dishes to try out the restaurant options.
Some of the dishes of the house are well served, such as the Burj, which is a tower of layers of meat and tabule seasoned with the 
characteristics of Arabic cuisine, which serves two people.

Nayme restaurante árabe curitiba

Other dishes are individual like Sfihas and Kaftas.
The rice and tabule we ordered at the table came in little bowls and we split the portion into six people, a spoonful for each.
It is possible to compose the dishes and eat well without spending much, but you have to get to know the dishes before.
The Cabbage cigar rolls, for example, are very small.
I left the menu here for you to think about what to order! (Click on the image to see it in full size!)

Cardápio restaurante Nayme Curitiba  Cardápio restaurante Nayme Curitiba   Cardápio restaurante Nayme Curitiba

Cardápio restaurante Nayme Curitiba  Cardápio restaurante Nayme Curitiba  Cardápio restaurante Nayme Curitiba

If you prefer you can also try the Mezze Royalle, which is a tasting of several dishes from the menu, from starters, main courses and dessert for R$ 65.00 reais per person. We saw at the other tables this option and there comes a lot of food!
This time we ordered a la carte, but I feel like trying the tasting!
Maybe next time! 😉

The quality of the food was excellent, of all the dishes.

And of course! We could not leave before eating the dessert.
Because we saw it served at the other tables and they were so beautiful that they made my mouth water even before lunch!
I ordered the Ataif, an Arabic crepe with walnuts accompanied by cream, and it was delicious with the spiced coffee!

Nayme restaurante árabe curitiba

Nayme restaurante árabe curitiba

I recommend the restaurant for sure, but arrive early or book it before!

Do you have a restaurant that is your favorite for lunch over the weekend in Curitiba? Tell me in the comments!

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