Recipe: Pasta with Shrimp and Sicilian Lemon and Mignon with Ginger Sauce

Recipe: Pasta with Shrimp and Sicilian Lemon and Mignon with Ginger Sauce

About me: I LOVE COOKING (especially a sweet!)

And my boyfriend / fiance (it’s hard to call boyfriend when we’re used to calling boyfriend right?) LOVES too!

So pretty much every weekend we come up with one or two things to cook. And sometimes we do elaborate dishes!

Last weekend we got the idea of ​​the menu from the concept “Surf and Turf” (which is the term used to designate the main course with proteins of the sea (surf) and earth (turf) mixed together.

But, we ended up not using the 2 proteins in one dish, we chose to make a pasta with Shrimp and Sicilian lemon, and a mignon with ginger sauce in iron pot.

Our lunch was a delight!

This recipe is easy and wonderful for you to impress your guests, or have a delicious Sunday lunch.

macarrão com camarão e mignon ao molho gengibre

So let’s go!

You will need a girlfriend / kitchen assistant to leave everything organized while your boyfriend makes this recipe 😉 hahahah
This recipe is easy, but if you do not have practice in the kitchen this is a recipe to have a bit of help with, because it is not easy to leave everything ready at the same time.

macarrão com camarão e mignon ao molho gengibre


400g of peeled shrimp (we used it a frozen kind, but if you find fresh is always better)

500g of linguine (Pasta! You can choose your favorite type)

30g chopped bacon (my favorite part!)

200g parmesan cheese

5 garlic cloves

Peel and juice of 1 sicilian lemon

100ml of vodka

2 table spoons of Shoyu to season

Half lemon, salt and pepper to season


Pasta recipe:

Boil the water for the pasta and season with salt and oil. Put the pasta to cook while you make the shrimp that is quick!

Season the shrimp with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Fry the bacon and when it’s brown, add the shrimp to seal. Properly sealed, add the garlic and wait for it to brown.

Add the two scoops of shoyu, wait for it to dry and put the 100ml of vodka and flambe. (So ​​chic!)

Add the sicilian lemon juice and zest. Wait for it to reduce, add 2 ladles of the water of the pasta in the skillet, add the pasta and mix everything, add 200g of Parmesan cheese and some chopped parsley.


Mignon with ginger sauce:

1 kg of mignon

Salt and pepper

80g ginger

1 can of sour cream

1 clove garlic


Pack the mignon on tightly plastic film and set aside for 15 minutes in the refrigerator.

After, cut into medallion, still with the plastic film (you will remove the film before frying).

In an iron pan (it may be a frying pan if you do not have the iron pan, but it tastes better on the iron) cover the bottom with oil and wait for it to get hot.

Season the medallions with salt and black pepper on both sides, remove the film paper.

Put the medallions in the hot pot. When the sides start to get brown, turn it, and finish sealing the other side.

Remove the mignon and reserve. Add the clove of garlic to the pan, the grated ginger and saute. Add half a glass of water to loosen the sauce from the bottom. Add the cream, and salt (See that easy? It’s lazy ginger sauce!)

Mix the sauce with the medallions in the own iron pot or serve the sauce over the medallions in another container.


macarrão com camarão e mignon ao molho gengibre


A delicious lunch for you!


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