Tulle Skirt DIY to “Junina” Party

The Time of year for “Festa Junina” has started!

“Festa Junina” is a comum type of party in Brazil that takes place in the mount of June.

In Portuguese June = “Junho”, and the name of the party is from the name of the mouth.

It’s origin is from the Catholic Church to celebrate the Days of Saint John.

It’s a big party, there are bond fires, corn, sweets, and some typical foods, people dress with some typical clothes or “country” style.

Everybody loves it!

I love the part atmosphere, the food, decor; and LOVE to wear the typical clothes; I’ve worn traditional dresses; country style, but my favorite look was one that I kind of “created” a couple years ago!


I was trying to inspire myself to make the look to the party and admiring some tulle skirts, when came the idea of ​​joining the tulle skirt with plaid shirt and laces and make a new and easy look to enjoy the party!

Like every Festa Junina look, you have to have a plaid shirt to give the feel. Then you can make your own tulle skirt DIY and sew bows.

I Photoshoped some images at the time and they were shared a lot in Pinterest !!

So today I’m here to bring the images to you and how my skirts where when ready!


vestido festa junina -lalailalife vestido festa junina -lalailalife vestido festa junina -lalailalife vestido festa junina -lalailalife vestido festa junina -lalailalife

some imagens are not the best, but the important thing is to get the idea of the party look, which is pratical, looks pretty and eady to make.

vestido festa junina -lalailalife vestido festa junina -lalailalife vestido festa junina -lalailalife

All the original imagens of the tule skirts you will find in my Pinterest, on my Board Party: Festa Junina, there also you will find several other tulle skirt and plaid shirt looks that you can use as inspiration to create your own look.

The tulle skirt was easy to do, just a thick elastic, and you sew layers of tulle to the elastic band until it is with the volume you want.

I did it in the machine but you can do by hand, it does not take much practice.

You can make various combinations of color.

I made a white with orange/coral bows, which was for the “bride”.

A pink with navy blue bows, and a black with red bows.

 vestido festa junina -lalailalife  vestido festa junina -lalailalife tulle skirt -lalailalife

Mine was pink with yellow bows, inspired by one of the photoshoped imagens, because I had a similar shirt.


tulle skirt -lalailalife   tulle skirt -lalailalife

Tell me what do you think!!!




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  1. lovely dresses <3 looking fabulous, these dresses are so good

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