My food reeducation and how you too can be healthier!

Before starting this post I want to make it clear that I am not a nutritionist and that this is a personal experience. Always seek professional help.
When we are children and as we grow up, we do not think much about the daily routine and eating, it is a routine of life that is passed on to us by our parents. And while parents try to do what’s best for us, this routine may not be right for you.
At my house, while I grew up we had some breakfast options: coffee, milk, juice, cereal, bread, butter and cheese. (a typical Brazilian breakfast)
I got used to drinking coffee with sugar (which was the way my father and mother took it) and a bread with butter and cheese.
And it was only in my early twenties that I realized that: this was not the best breakfast for me,  and that’s when I began my journey of food reeducation, but I did not even know her name yet.
I just knew that I did not need that sugar in the coffee (and extra sugar in general in my day) because I liked the taste of the coffee itself, and also did not need as many calories without nutrition like the white bread has.

It was with the little realization that I decided to change, and it was not easy.

It’s important to realize what you consume!

First I decided to get the sugar out of the coffee, and for the first few months I could not even drink my whole cup, since the taste of the coffee with sugar added is completely different from it pure, and I had to give myself time to get used to that new taste.
The secret is to persist, I would take a sip of my coffee, I thought it strange and bitter, but with a nice background, I would take another 2 or 3 sips and give up. But after a few weeks in this process I finally finished a whole cup of pure coffee!
And after getting used to the taste I was sure that I would never want to add sugar to the coffee again! And it was an achievement! Now I could tell everyone that I had my coffee without sugar! And I LOVE my big cup of pure coffee, 3 times a day! ;
 Then I stopped drinking soda.
I must admit that I had a habit of drinking soda every weekend, and sometimes I ended up drinking it during the week as well.
And if the coffee sugar was unnecessary, imagine the glass of soda! Just as I had done before, I stopped at once! I stopped asking in restaurants and serving myself when I had parties or at home. Unlike the sugar in the coffee, it was much harder, sometimes I would give up and have a glass. But I knew that if I did not stop for a long period of time I would end up re-consuming frequently and I did not want that.
It took longer, but I got it. And today I rarely feel like having a glass of soda. But when I feel like it, I drink, no blame.

The next challenge was bread, because since I was young I had eaten bread for breakfast (and dinner!) (* brazilian habits)

So I decided that I would try to reduce or eliminate white bread from my routine.
It was another difficult task, because I was so used to it that some mornings I would find myself already cutting the bread in half, on autopilot.

But I researched the internet for breakfast options and chose some to try.
I started with cereal, there are several options, I looked for those that had no added sugar, but I did not like to mix with milk.
So here’s the TIP: mix your cereal with Coconut Water! It’s a delight!

I also tried it, my favorite hotel breakfast: scrambled eggs! But no adding them in a buttery bread.
Only the scrambled eggs, with a cheese to side.
Sometimes I would make a banana pancake or oatmeal for a change.
After I made these small changes, I felt a huge result in my health and disposition.
But I wanted more! It’s so good to change for the better!


I wanted to be those people who eat a whole green salad before lunch or for lunch! And a bowl of fruit in the morning!


So I knew it was time to visit a nutritionist.
I had never been to any nutritionist and my experience was great.

It made me see all those data on body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass and it opened my eyes to other habits and foods that I should introduce in my diet for re-education. Foods that could make my body work better? I’m in!


She introduced some diet changes that have remained with me ever since.
It was not a diet to go on for a few months and quit from laziness to continue.

One of the most important things was to add seeds and grains for breakfast. I started adding seeds in my scrambled egg, like flaxseed and sesame; and starting to put other things, such as grated carrot, chives, tomata, garlic, and even different seasonings like saffron and sweet paprica, making each day a delicious omelet!
I also prepare pancake with banana, oatmeal or cornmeal and chia add, lemon zest, or vanilla drops for an extra sweetmeat.
And I try every day to eat a fruit for breakfast!

For a morning snack I eat a small portion of walnuts, pistachio, chestnut, raisins or apricot.

Throughout the day I learned to drink much more water!
I keep a 1-liter bottle on my desk and try to take 3x it a day.

At lunch what goes first in my dish is the lettuce, or another green leafy salad!
I’m still far from being the person who eats a whole salad plate, but I try to make it half of my plate.
It’s still not my favorite thing, and I do not really enjoy eating it alone before the rest of the meal.
But I love eating the green leaves in the same bite as the protein of the day! (Be it meat, chicken or fish.) So I usually serve my plate with green leaves, protein, vegetables and rice.
In the summer is easy to pass on the rice a few times a week, but in winter it gets difficult.
Important to remember not to mix the carbs! You should not be eating rice and potato or potato and pasta, choose one.

In the middle of the afternoon I eat another batch of walnuts or a fruit, or even a rice cookie!

 At night, after I have whipped the white bread from my diet, I usually eat soup (I LOVE a good soup) or scrambled eggs, or some steamed vegetable: zucchini, pumpkin, carrot. And once in a while a whole grain bread.

These changes have remained with me, but it does not mean that I never cheat.
There are days that mixing rice and a mashed potato at lunch is irresistible.
Or days that are too cold to eat a fruit in the morning! (It’s laziness speaking)
And days it seems essential to eat a chocolate bar in the middle of the afternoon! You know what I’m talking about!

I still have steps to follow on this journey, but the important thing is that I know!

And the steps I took so far made me healthier.
The most important of all is that now I make decisions about my food consciously.
I do not just eat what’s on the table, I look for what I like to eat, I do what I appreciate, and I know it’s healthier, I avoid what I think is unnecessary.
I try to understand what makes me feel good during the day and what is disposable in my routine.
And I’m not afraid to sometimes eat a food that is bad for me because I know it has to be just sometimes.
Food re-education is a discovery about yourself, and it brings a very interesting perspective on your life.
Because you must do things consciously, not just because they are easy in front of you.And You, have you ever tried to drop some unhealthy habit?
Did you do food re-education? Are you too lazy to peel fruit in the morning?
Eat a whole bar of chocolate in the PMS?
Tell me in the comments!

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