June Wishlist

June Wishlist

Sometimes I see some items on Pinterest that I feel I need! Hahahaha;)

So I do a mental whislist.

These are some items that are on my wish list this month. But not all of the items on this list are momentary desires.


whishlist junho

  1. Lauren Graham’sTalking as Fast as I Can is one I’ve been wanting since it launched, but I still have not had the time in my life to fit it in. But this month I can do it. I already bought from amazon. I really want to read the book, not only because of the Gilmore Girls series, which I always watched, reruns and reruns! And yes, because I love the way they talk fast and understand each other in the series, but I also love the references that they fit into different subjects. I’ll tell you later if the book was what I expected.
  2. Nike Nude Shoes. This is also an item that has been on my wish list since last year, and I think it will continue for a while because sneakers are expensive and we have to put priorities on the shopping list. But who knows, maybe until the end of the year I’ll buy it. I hope it does not goes out of stock.

  3.  Rose Gold Kitten Glasses. I do not even know which one. This is a super trend item that is on the list. I see EVERYONE wearing these Rose Gold kitten glasses and they are gorgeous too. But I have not tried any to see how it looks on my face, so let’s take it easy.

  4. And last but not least, a Planner with zipper. I have been looking for one since last year, but in Brazil it has not been easy. I want a cost-effective, good to use for a long time, with binder rings inside to be able to change the insides and add new as needed. I wish it was zippered to be able to use Travel Journal as well and not miss anything I put inside it.
    If you know a good one tell me in the comments!

    And tell me also: what is the last item you wanted to buy?

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