5 tips for a Better Life

for a better life

Your life can be much better with some small changes in your day to day and your habits.

Check this 5 tips to improve your life

1 ~ Find YOUR routine

It may be that the routine you follow is the routine of your home, or the same routine since childhood or adolescence, when your life has already changed a lot.
How about breathing and thinking about what would be a good routine for you?
Do you prefer to exercise in the morning or at night? Have you thought about stretching before starting the day, or doing yoga?
And how about diversifying your breakfast? If you work out all day, a good idea for extra energy is to invest in breakfast.
Have you thought about your eating habits, is there anything you would like to change? (Read here how I gradually made my  food reeducation)
How do you use the time you are in transit, on the bus, subway, or car?
There are several things in your routine that you can reflect on and try to change, such as the time you wake up, what you do as you wake up, what hours you exercise, what you eat, where you eat, whether you follow news, blogs, youtube, What you buy daily, how you use your free time.

2 ~ Find yourself -make a journal

At some stages of life we ​​may feel lost, and sometimes we need to rediscover ourselves and rediscover our dreams and motivations. A good way to do this is with a Diary, or a Jounal, or even a blog. Take a moment to reflect and answer questions about life, your dreams, priorities and goals. You can start your journey with a blank notebook, or even on the computer (I prefer to write on paper) or buy a pre formatted book like “One Question per Day”

3~ Create Goals

Always create small goals in your life to feel fulfilled!
Try a new habit, save $ 50.00 a month, tidy up your drawer, read 01 book this month.
Goals can be of various sizes and make you commit to yourself in fulfilling them. And once performed, they generate satisfaction, even if it is just organizing your closet.
If you would like to be more organized, for example, make daily goals: Monday I will organize 01 drawer, on Tuesday I will organize my shoes, on Wednesday I will organize my receipts; and so on.
Doing a little thing a day at the end of the month your whole life will be organized and you will have developed a habit of order.
If you have some habit that you would like to change, small goals are the place to start and take you far.

4 ~Re-evaluate what you DO have

Every day, and especially when you’re feeling down, re-evaluate what you have and be grateful for the little things. For your health, for having a roof over your head, for a simple cup of coffee …
Giving value to your day makes you a happier person!

5 ~ Invest in yourself

If you feel like taking a course, learning a new skill, language or hobbie, go on and do it!
Learnings are never in vain!
Even if it is just a hobby for you, it will improve your life, make your week happier by doing that activity, making you more willing.
And sometimes this extra learning is reflected in other areas of your life and can improve your relationships and your profession.
Do not hold yourself, just do it!

Did you like the tips? Comment on what you will follow and if you have any other tips to improve your life! 😉

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